A message from Maxine Curtis, our Mutukaroa Coordinator

As the Mutukaroa Co ordinator I have the privilege of working with families, sharing the latest assessment data. In our 1 hour meetings we set goals together to target the learning. Resources are shared and provided to enable the family to work together to successfully meet these goals. The feedback from families about this partnership has been positive, with families sharing that the learning is fun and they can see clear steps forward. I look forward to seeing this partnership strengthen, empowering our whanau as they work with their talented children.

What is Mutukaroa?

Mutukaroa is a school and community learning partnership.

It involves:

  • working with parents in their children’s first three years at school
  • developing our families understanding of their children’s achievement enabling parents to know where their children are at with their learning and what their next learning steps are
  • supporting learning at home by sharing the assessment data and providing resources that will enable the families to share in the learning at home

Our aims at Takanini School for Mutukaroa are:

  • to develop strong school and community learning partnerships
  • to empower students and parents to understand student learning
  • to support families to enhance their children’s learning at home
  • to challenge the school to be increasingly responsive to learning inquiries from parents