Our Story

Takanini School is undergoing a period of change. We recently updated our logo to reflect our changing community and new direction. After extensive research and community consultation a series of concepts were developed that represented the very beginning of the Takanini area in the 1800’s and the old chief Ihaka Takanini’s (the suburb’s namesake) story. From Te Aparangi, Maori, under the guidance of Chief Takanini, supplied Papakura and the developing town of Auckland with vegetables and fruit from their gardens and orchards here in Takanini. The sales from the produce at the orchards were a great source of economy for the local tribes and provided for many local whanau.

Moving further back than industry, we felt the concept of growth and supporting each other and the community, through nature, is how we want our students to see their future and their journey here at Takanini School. The brand marque is more than just a logo, it represents the concept of growth and respect. It teaches our children that this place was one of pride and abundance, and that through teamwork and a positive and engaged community, you can provide for a community much bigger than your own.

The colouring of the brand marque represents the citrus of the orchards and the diversity and vibrancy of our current community. We love our new brand, we believe it launches us forward onto a positive new path and we hope you love it too.