PB4L stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning. PB4L is an evidence based programme that looks at behaviour and learning from a whole school and individual perspective.

PB4L takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:

  • the school environment is positive and supportive
  • expectations are consistently clear
  • students are consistently taught expected behaviours
  • expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged
  • inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way.

The purpose of PB4L at Takanini School is to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where positive, caring, respectful relationships improve student outcomes.

The Takanini Way

Code of Conduct

Takanini School holds high expectations. This means physical or verbal abuse or behaviour is unacceptable in our school. We work from a positive focus and Takanini School is part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning contract (PB4L) with the Ministry of Education. Positive interpersonal skills are modelled and encouraged, so that children take responsibility for their own behaviour. Our Code of Conduct expects everyone at Takanini School – ‘to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’.