How to enrol your child

Takaanini School welcomes students between 5 - 13 yrs of age (if their 13th birthday is before 1 July) and are living in our school’s Home zone.  If you live nearby but not in our school’s home zone, you can apply for an Out of Zone Enrolment, which is offered by ballot held in March and September each year.

Your child must be a NZ Citizen, or be entitled to enrol with applicable visa documents.

If your child is about to turn 5, there are a few things you should know:

Enrolment must be completed by your child’s legal guardian

Thank you for requesting an enrolment pack for your child at Takaanini School.

You must provide the following documents to meet legal requirements:

Showing caregivers name

Showing address within the school zone

Is less than 1 month old

Category A - original document

Category B - in the parent/caregiver’s name and 

verified by Justice of the Peace

If you don’t have two of these documents in the parent/guardian’s name, then replace one with:

Both of these need to be verified by a Justice of the Peace

This proof of address must be where the child will normally live while attending school.