Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the attached map shall be entitled to enrol at Takaanini School.

If your home is in the following area, you will be able to provide two forms of Proof of Address

The northern boundary starts where the Papakura stream intersects with the southern motorway and moves eastward along the stream as far as Porchester Road. It then travels down the centre of Porchester Road as far as the intersection with Popes Road.  It turns east into Popes Road (excluded) and then south into Mill Road.  It then travels west along Airfield Road until turning south into Porchester Road.  It follows along Porchester Road, including both sides of the road down to and including ‘The Avenues’ sub-division.  It includes the proposed road which borders Bruce Pulman Park and any potential extensions.

Residences on Mill Road south of Airfield Road are excluded.  The zone crosses Porchester Road travelling west and will include the northern side of the yet unnamed proposed road to the railway line.  It will then travel south down the western side of the railway line to Glenora Road (included).  From there the zone travels up the centre of the Great South and to, and including Spartan Road, the Southern Motorway as far as the Papakura stream.

All residential addresses on both sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

Streets in our Zone


Aero Place

Aeronautic Road

Airfield Road (even numbers 2-208, odd numbers 1-209)

Amokura Avenue

Anton Place

Arion Road (even numbers 84-106)

Aviation Street


Beach Road

Berwyn Avenue

Biplane Street


Cathay Lane

Clarice Place


Dalray Avenue

Divide Loop


Flight Place

Fuselage Lane


Glenora Road

Great South Road (even numbers 72-222)

Gumspear Road


Hakaro Way

Hakawai Avenue

Hansen Place

Harore Road

Heb Place

Hihi Avenue

Hollowout Street (even numbers 26-46, odd numbers 27-49)

Hopuni Way (even numbers 4-18)

Huke Lane


Jadon Close


Kaki Lane

Kapowai Boulevard

Karokaro Road

Katana Lane

Katipo Road

Kauri Heart Avenue

Ketu Way

Kotuku Crescent

Kuaka Drive

Kutukutu Street


Le Havre Place


Manuia Road

Manuroa Road

Marphona Crescent

Maru Road

Matata Drive

Matawalu Place

Mill Road (even numbers 416-480, odd numbers 39-457)

Moho Lane

Mohua Avenue

Mokopapa Street


Oakleigh Avenue

Old Park Place


Pateke Drive

Peat Way

Peerless Avenue

Pipipi Crescent

Poaka Avenue

Popes Road (up to number 23)

Popokatea Drive

Porchester Road (even numbers 242-406, odd numbers 223-333)

Portrush Lane

Princess Street

Puninga Lane

Puweto Avenue


Rangi Road

Rawson Way

Reding Street

Rere Close

Rosarina Lane


Scotts Field Drive

Soaring Bird Drive

Spartan Road

Station Road


Taka Street

Takahe Avenue

Takanini Road

Takanini School Road

Tarapiroe Avenue

Taukari Road

Taupinga Way

Tawaki Avenue

Te Kahu Place

Tete Lane

Treestump Road (numbers 32-49)

Tribute Loop


Wairepo Street

Westbrook Avenue

Whakarato Way

Whareatua Avenue

Whekau Drive

Willow Camp Road (number 1 only)


Yatterina Avenue